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Scoping, site selection and delivery of Life Science, FoodTech and CleanTech facilities.

When you're outgrowing your labs

Crew Universal helps you determine when to seek more space, identify its requirements, locate a site and build your facility.

Need new capabilities in your facility?

Harness our experience and expertise to construct the next-gen lab or pilot plant necessary for your upcoming growth stage.

Our Process Starts with Project Scoping and ends in Construction Close Out

During Scoping, we determine your functional areas, their sizes and how they relate to each other.


As different sites are evaluated, we "test fit" your program against each floor plan.

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We then assist you in selecting the appropriate architectural and engineering team, actively driving design development to bring your vision to life.

Throughout the process, we tee up the right questions at the right time to minimize costly mistakes and rework.

Control and monitoring of the project continues into construction where we help you pick your construction crew and manage progress.

Lets set your capital projects on the path to success

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